Our courses are offered to individuals, families and other small groups. Each course is limited to 4 students and personal attention is a given. Please check our calendar for dates and times, private sessions are also available on request. Parents must accompany students under 18 years of age. We encourage parents to take the course with their child but this is not required. Shooting courses range from 4 to 12 hours.
Note: Class prices do not include ammunition

  • Free: Introduction to Handguns A course to introduce handgun shooting to folks who have never shot before or are simply uncomfortable shooting a handgun.
  • NRA Basic Pistol This course will give you the knowledge, skills and attitude required to safely handle handguns. Meets the requirements for a Montana Concealed Carry Permit.
  • Defensive Handgun I An intermediate to advanced course for the experienced shooter who wishes to enhance his or her skills.
  • Defensive Handgun II An intermediate to advanced course focusing on the skills needed to survive a gunfight. The only prerequisite for the course is well established safe gun handling.
  • Defensive Handgun III An advanced course adding rapid movement to the point shooting skills you developed in DHG II. Defensive Handgun II is a prerequisite for this course.
  • NRA Personal Protection in the Home This course is the next phase in the NRA program after completing Basic Pistol.
  • NRA Basic Rifle This course is designed to teach the basics of rifle marksmanship.


If you need ammo I have limited availability of these calibers.

  • 380ACP $22.50/box 50
  • 38 Special $26.50/box 50
  • 9mm $17.50/box 50
  • 45ACP $30.00/box 50