NRA Certified Instructor and CMP/USA Shooting/NRA Certified Rifle Coach

As a kid my formal training consisted of my father telling me "don't point this at anyone". While that served well from a safety point of view my technique was less than perfect.

I took my first handgun training course when I was in my 40s. That first course opened my eyes to how little I really knew about shooting even though I'd been shooting for over 30 years! I started taking every class I could find at several schools and with many different instructors. I learned something new from everyone I studied with.

I became an instructor myself at the suggestion of one of those instructors. My specialty is in the use of handguns for self defense.

I got interested in coaching rifle when my wife was trying out for the US Biathlon team. That lead to courses at the Olympic Training Center where I got interested in coaching kids. But handguns are still my first love. My certifications include:

NRA Certified Pistol, Rifle and Personal Protection Instructor
USAS / CMP/ NRA Certified Rifle Coach Level 1
NRA Certified Range Safety Officer

I am a member of :

National Rifle Association
USA Shooting

My goal is to teach the safe and effective use of your guns, both handguns and rifles. I want you to be comfortable and confident, and capable.

If our scheduled courses don't work for you please contact me and ask about arranging a private session. You can email me at dan@fishcreekventures.com or call 406.287.2182 or my cell at 406.498.1521.

Thanks for your time and interest.

Dan Busarow