Firearms Training for Responsible Citizens

Fish Creek Ventures is dedicated to instructing responsible individuals in the efficient use of handguns and rifles for recreation, competition and self-defense.

Our goal is to provide our clients with the best possible firearms training available; using a first-class training facility along with personalized, hands-on, reality-based instruction.

We pride ourselves in providing the most up to date, effective and safe training available anywhere. Our advanced courses focus on tactics appropriate to the armed citizen instead of the military/LE tactics taught at most schools

Montana Concealed Weapons Permit. The State of Montana requires a certificate showing completion of an approved firearms safety course in order to receive a Concealed Carry Permit. Our NRA Basic Pistol course meets this requirement and we provide you with the certificate.

Private lessons are available.

Also new this year are group lessons at your home range, please contact me for details.







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